Courtney Morse: The Antisocialista Butterfly

by Jordan Manfredi July 21, 2016

By Ariana Curcio

Meet our newest Ambassador Courtney Morse. Courtney is a fashion-focused freelance writer with a background in both the retail and corporate sectors of the industry.  She recently entered the blogosphere with a desire to share a more personal perspective than freelancing allows.  

Courtney launched her blog, The Antisocialista in early 2016 and has utilized it as a platform to share authentic opinions, how-to’s and real world stories for real world people.  She also has a desire to shake up what she believes are the two most common blogging strategies: uber lux and bargain buying.

Courtney's style is a mix of both.  She wears what makes her feel good, follows the trends when practical, supports small businesses, tries to shop responsibly in regards to her budget and the planet, and writes about it. 

Courtney Morse(Courtney in her Almost Basic T)

Five questions with Courtney:

1) Describe the perfect girls night out?

I’d really love to say I like getting dressed up for foodie dinners with the girls (and I often do,) but my best friend moved 2,000 miles away a couple of years ago and I’d give my right arm to go to a small town bar with her and dance to some local band’s version of the best 90’s country songs. There is simply nothing better!

2) Favorite guilty pleasure?

The panna cotta at Estela in New York City is absolutely divine!  I could order it for all three courses and still want more.  When I tell my friends that I will not be sharing they always think I’m kidding…but I wouldn’t kid about something like that!

3) Beauty routine or product you cannot live with out?

I have a lot of products that I swear by, but the Environ Intensive Revival Masque is my favorite.  I happened upon a sample one day and after using it twice I was completely sold on it.  I smear on a tiny bit right before bed, and I can’t put my finger on it, but I always wake up looking better somehow.  Sadly, it’s not always easy to find, but is well worth the scavenger hunt.

4) Favorite city and why?

Of course New York City is home, but I really love Barcelona.  When I’m there I feel like I’m surrounded by a bit of magic.  It has the old world charm for which European cities are known, but it also has that relaxed beachy vibe.  I’m a California girl so a beach goes a long way with me!  Plus, the Spanish culture is so warm and inviting that it’s just hard to beat.  

5) Favorite Item from Uptown Sweats?

While I love a trendy outfit, on a daily basis I’m a denim and tee shirt kind of girl.  Nothing makes me happier than a well-fitting pair of jeans, a high-quality white tee, and a fantastic pair of shoes.  The Almost Basic T-Shirt is one of my go-to, get-ready-and-go pieces.  It’s comfortable, flattering, can be easily dressed up or down, and is a fun update to a classic staple.  

Please help us in welcoming Courtney to the Uptown Sweats Ambassador team. Follow her blog here and her Instagram here the.antisocialista.


Jordan Manfredi
Jordan Manfredi


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