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Ease of Dressing for The Modern Woman of All Ages

by Jordan Manfredi |

By Ariana Curcio

If you are a modern woman like me, I think you can relate to the overwhelming feeling of trying to fill more roles at once than is realistically possible. Most of us wear way too many hats as it is and accompany that with the standards of our society to be fit, made up and always look our best, well there are just not enough hours in the day!

Uptown Sweats from Kiya Tomlin is a brand that was created by a woman just like you, for women just like you. The brand’s main focus is ease of dressing for multiple situations, all the while feeling and looking good.

There are typically three types of contemporary women that most of us can identify with; the young professional, the working mom and the active mature. Whatever type of present-day woman you are Uptown Sweats has you covered.

The Young Professional:

If you fit into this category your day probably looks something like this; an early morning visit to the gym followed by a full day at the office leading straight to dinner with friends or clients. Uptown Sweats has a few different options for you to wear for the long, hectic day ahead that pack easily in your gym bag. The innovative bamboo blend fabric is light, odor resistant and won’t wrinkle. Simply throw the The Peep Shoulder Tee and Slant Pant in your gym bag and you are ready to take on anything.

  • Working Moms

You are the woman who has both worlds on her shoulders: corporate and home. You are already up against so much your wardrobe shouldn’t be a battle. A working mom needs an outfit that smoothly transitions from the office to the field. Trying to find clothing that can be versatile enough to be suitable for work and play is not an easy feat. The Frame Tee paired with the midi leggings is a perfect look that can easily convert from meetings to car pools with comfort and style.

  • Active Mature

Perhaps your children are grown and you’re focused on your career and perfecting your tennis serve or maybe you chose not to have kids and are enjoying a successful career and active social life. Uptown Sweats has options like the Power Romper that can take you straight from work to drinks with total finesse and no modifications. The Grazer pant and Tent Tee go from work to yoga to dinner all the while looking chic and feeling cozy.

We all love to feel good and to look good while balancing our many roles as the woman who conquers all. Why spend time stressing about what to wear for the battle? Uptown Sweats, created by a modern woman for a modern woman.


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