It can sometimes be hard to keep up with the latest women’s fashion trends that constantly change. Fortunately, if you heed a few simple tips and invest in classic staples, you aren't going to have to reinvent your wardrobe every season.

There is nothing better than focusing on women’s clothing types that have stood the test of time — and will for many years to come. With the correct care, it is possible to make your investment pieces last a lifetime. Mix and match them to ensure your wardrobe remains current and comfortable.

Keep both quality and craftsmanship in mind when buying timeless essentials.

We provide a wide range of styles for any woman. Comfort is key when it comes to fashion, as clothing should fit the body in a flattering way.

Any wardrobe should be tailored to the woman's lifestyle, with pieces that can transition from the workplace to the home and from a casual date to a night out. Women should be comfortable and confident in whatever they choose to wear, as this will reflect in their attitude and overall mood.

As trends come and go, it is important to remember that fashion should be an expression of yourself and not just a trend.

The clothes by Kiya Tomlin are designed for real women who have real lives and real figures. Every piece of clothing is drawn, patterned, cut, and sewn by hand to fit the exact measurements of each person not based on a measurement.

This versatile collections from Kiya Tomlin are ideal for busy women (including mothers) who want to look stylish even when they wear them all day long. The pieces are made to fit and flatter women's bodies; they are designed for whatever lifestyle they choose to live.

Dresses & Jumpsuits

Cut Out Onesie

Handkerchief Skirt

Kiya Tomlin X Steelers

Steelers Striped Legging

Harem Pants – Trends and a Little History

Pleated Maxi Pant

Consider your lifestyle and determine which types of clothing options make the most sense for your everyday needs. Do you often find yourself in business meetings during the day and before going out with friends at night? Do you have an upcoming vacation or wedding to attend? Knowing what type of events and occasions will be on your calendar will help you decide which items should take priority when shopping for clothes.

Don’t forget about color combinations. Experiment with different hues to add a touch of personality to any outfit. Try subtle tones like navy blue and grey to bolder shades like reds, oranges, blues and yellows.

Yes, staying on trend may seem daunting. More than anything, a woman’s wardrobe should reflect her individual style while looking and feeling good on her body type. You can leverage the latest fashion trends without sacrificing your own personal tastes or comfort. Create an enviable wardrobe that looks and feels like it was made for you.