Mornings can set the tone for the rest of the day. Though most women have their morning routines down to a science, a little help never hurts. From prepping the kids for school to getting ready for another day of being a boss-lady, putting together an equally comfortable, functional and fierce outfit is no easy task. Outside of finding an ensemble that speaks to your own unique sense of style, one must abide by a few other seemingly impossible checks: harmonizing, trending, accessorizing, and, of course, fitting. Women’s fashion can be fun, but there must be better ways to spend our lone moments of peace before the day officially begins. Ladies, we’re heeding the warning of your morning struggles. In an attempt to help, Kiya Tomlin will soon offer a simpler solution – capsules of pre-stylized outfits. 

How exactly will a capsule help speed up and simplify your morning routine? It’s been accepted by this point that morning routines have a way of becoming complex progressions, thrown together in a span of 30-minutes or less. Within that short timeframe, you’re expected to shower, get dressed, prep your make-up, guzzle a cup of coffee (or two), eat breakfast, and be out the door. Time is of the essence, and something is bound to get left behind. So, what happens when you devote extra time to thumbing through your closet before finally throwing on the same outfit you wore last Monday? Let’s not pretend for even a second that you’re willing to sacrifice any more beauty sleep, even if it is in the name of fashion. Sometimes, the outfit you decide on isn’t even something you like or feel comfortable in. Instead, it’s the “I ran out of time and this is the best I could come up with” get-up. We know it, we’ve lived it, and we want to help you avoid it. 

For those of you who are not ready to invest in a personal stylist of your own, here’s a prospect to get your wardrobe straight to glam. Wouldn’t it be divine to have each day’s outfit planned out before you even step out of the shower? A capsule collection is an assortment of pieces, carefully curated by the designer (that’s us), for the time-confined shopper (that’s you). Now you’re ready to grab and go, with no fear of being pulled over by those ruthless fashion police. 

One of the many reasons women dedicate so much of their mornings to deciding what to wear is because they lack the knack for style. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, after all. For some, it’s easy to throw on this top, those pants, and be ready to walk down the runway moments later. For others, it’s an endless debate between different patterns, materials, and cuts. No matter how much we’d like to, we can’t all spend our days flipping through the pages of Vogue to brush up on this season’s hottest trends. When in doubt, it’s best to let the capsule work it out. Look at it this way – instead of purchasing one staple clothing piece, you’ll be investing in an entirely new closet. This should provide the reassurance that the next time you go to work, soccer practice, or a dinner party, your outfit will be steadfast and fashion-forward. 

It’s been shown that one of the toughest parts of making decisions is just having too many options. Take grocery shopping, for example. You walk into the local grocery store with the intention of buying milk. In front of you, there sits skim, 1%, 2%, whole milk, almond milk and soy milk. Okay, but now what flavor would you like – plain, vanilla, coconut, chocolate? That’s a lot to choose between when all you’re trying to do is avoid dry cereal. Not to mention the countless impulse items you’re certain to buy before making it to checkout. It’s the same conundrum when shopping for clothes. Having too many options available can cause confusion and anxiety, particularly for those who are indecisive from the start. A capsule collection eliminates the overwhelming feeling of deciding between too many options. You’re left with one final decision: what do I want my style to say about me? 

If you’re still apprehensive when it comes to this one-stop shopping trend, let’s put things into perspective: capsuled clothing can cost significantly less. Piecing together a cohesive wardrobe often results in a whole lot of time and money wasted. With a capsule collection, no clothes go unworn or unwanted. This new approach to shopping may not be for everyone, but we dare you not to smile at the thought of hitting that snooze button one more time. Casual, formal, flirty, or relaxed, Kiya Tomlin’s capsule collections will provide outfit selections for the everyday woman. 

Our first capsule has arrived! The Starter Capsule Collection includes the Peep Shoulder Tee, Twisted Tee, Beautiful Tee, Basic Skirt, Striped Legging, Travel Duster, Waist Scrunchie and Infinity Scarf. To purchase all of the pieces individually, it would cost you $780. However, the full capsule price is available for just $599. Save 30% by mixing and matching these eight pieces for a real and relaxed style. Check back to learn more about our upcoming capsule collections as they debut over the course of the coming months.

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