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Kiya Tomlin Clothing - How It's Made

by Kiya Tomlin |  | 1 comment

We are so proud that we hand make all of our clothing in the Kiya Tomlin Work Shop located in Pittsburgh, PA.  We are committed to supporting the resurgence of the American apparel industry and are very proud that our products are cut and sewn all in the USA.  We also use a unique Bamboo fabric!

For you, bamboo is amazingly soft! Softer, silkier and faster drying than cotton and drapes beautifully. It's a natural fabric that breathes well, resists wrinkling, resists static and has good moisture absorption. It's cool in the warmer months, and warm to wear in the colder seasons. And it's great for anyone with allergies or skin irritations.

For the environment, bamboo is an incredibly sustainable resource because it grows quickly (only 4-5 years!) and doesn't require a lot of water, care, or pesticides. It even cleans the air while it grows! It's also believed to retain it’s natural anti-microbial properties which help to reduce odor during wear. And bamboo clothes are 100% biodegradable!

Comments (1)

  • Necole Jacobsen on June 24, 2021

    Clothing wears, packs, and washes EXCEPTIONALLY well! I always feel elegant yet comfortable in your clothing and gets SO many compliments. Thank you for your craft-woman-ship!

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