Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Caring for your garments is super easy. Just toss it in the washer on cold water, gentle cycle wash. Then lay it flat to dry. It's that easy. But if you want the extended version, keep reading...

Wash your garments in cold water on gentle cycle with like colors. Bamboo is a strong fiber, but it looses some of it's strength when it is very wet so it is best to put it in a lingerie bag for machine washing--especially if it's an item with a lot of fabric or long ties. Although our fabric is pre-washed to minimize shrinking, never use warm or hot water for regular washing as that may cause additional shrinking.  You may use less detergent than usual, but never bleach. Bamboo fibers are weakened by bleach. For heavy soil, pre-soak in warm water, never hot. To treat stains or whiten, use an oxygen-based bleach. Oily stains should be treated with an enzyme-based stain removal before washing. 

High temperatures in the dryer can shrink bamboo fabric. For best results, air dry flat on a rack. If quicker drying is needed, use only low heat in the dryer and remove while damp. If shrinking occurs, hang the dry garment and steam, allowing gravity to gently stretch the garment back to size.

To remove wrinkles, iron at the lowest heat setting possible, or hang to steam. High temperatures can scorch bamboo fibers.

When storing, never hang a knit fabric from the shoulders, especially when wet. This will cause undesirable stretching.

Dry cleaning is also recommended.