By Ariana Curcio

Whether you are fresh out of college, trying to boost your stagnant career or heading back to work after having kids, the job interview process can be a real struggle for anyone. The familiar hassle of what to wear weighs on all of us at most times, but even more so when you are relying so much on making that know-all first great impression.

Today’s trends in fashion are shifting to wearable, more comfortable clothing in all aspects of life, especially the workplace.  Most companies believe that if their employees are allowed to dress more comfortably, their confidence and therefore their productivity will increase. Recently a large, national consulting firm conducted a study that included approximately 9,000 employees across all industries. It indicated that 60 percent of senior managers think going back to corporate dress would be a step backward and would actually hurt productivity. Other surveys found that casual dress improved employee morale and that dress-down days had a beneficial impact on employee performance.

Women's apparel that focuses on classic, essential styles in versatile, comfortable fabrics, that can be worn over and over with simple modifications are a good alternative to today’s interview “power suit look.” Kiya Tomlin’s collection has flattering pieces like stretchy skirts, dresses, pants and jumpsuits that you can use to present yourself to a prospective employer in a modern and appealing way.  Once the job is landed you can easily wear these styles again and again from work to play, weekday to weekend.

The Signature Dress from Kiya Tomlin can easily be adapted from an appropriate interview look to “got the job” celebrating with a simple change of shoes.

A basic, well-made pair of leggings, like the Legging- Fleece from Kiya Tomlin, accompanied with a tunic can be worn a multitude of ways by simply layering and un-layering pieces.

As an alternative to investing in an un-wearable “Interview Suit,” invest instead in high quality basics that, with proper care, can last forever. Remember, if you are comfortable you are more confident, if you are confident you can focus on highlighting all of your fabulous skills and accomplishments during the interview instead.


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