By Ariana Curcio

Transitional wear is typically used to describe clothing that can interchange between seasons and carry you through that time of year when Mother Nature is being most fickle. But, we are not here to discuss that kind of transitional wear, we are talking about a new type of transition in clothing: pieces that take you from day to night or work to play with simple accessory modifications.

Transitional wear saves you time (no more figuring out what to wear to what) closet space (one pair of pants takes you everywhere) and money (did I mention that one pair of pants takes you everywhere?)

Trends today are focused on comfort and style; the Normcore trend was huge in the past few years, basic sneakers and sweats ruled the runways and street scene.  This trend is evolving into a broader range for wear ability in all social aspects; granny heels, track pants available in an array of fabrics and cuts and bomber jackets were runway dominators for this spring.

Brands like Alexander Wang and Derek Lam consistently offer transitional wear pieces in their collections and the rising popularity of active wear brands such as Lululemon and Athleta can be seen being worn in all aspects of life. Uptown Sweats by Kiya Tomlin is a luxurious clothing line that focuses on transitional wear that can take you from the carpool to the boardroom to the bar. The focus is on comfort, style and glamour. Uptown Sweats collection consists of wearable cuts and innovative eco-fabrics with an edge that appeal to a modern woman, looking for versatility and ease when it comes to style.  

Key pieces from the Kiya Tomlin collection, such as the Wrap Jogger, can be easily adapted from casual to dressy with a simple change from fashionable sneakers and a Dani Hoodie or Uptown Hoodie to stiletto heels and a Contraband Poncho.  

Transitional clothing allows you to be ready for anything that comes your way. You will never have to say no to a last minute girl’s night out ever again.   Just a quick change of accessories will take you from work to play in minutes, saving you from the mental agony of FOMO (or fear of missing out.)

Kiya Tomlin creates a stylish, sexy and comfortable wardrobe with just a few key pieces, saving you time, space and most importantly; money, which will give you the means to do more of those fun (and very necessary) girl’s nights out!    



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