By Ariana Curcio

If it seems like everywhere you go these days people are running around in athletic gear such as sweats, yoga pants and t-shirts parading around town as if they just walked off the treadmill, that would be the Athleisure trend on display.

Athleisure is clothing that is defined as active wear that’s not actually worn for heavy activity, it is worn mainly in social, casual and even work settings. It is the look of comfort and it has become more acceptable because comfortable, casual work out clothes have become trendy, interesting, alluring and most importantly, acceptable in almost all social situations.

Athleisure can be a bit tricky to master; you want to avoid looking too comfortable (read sloppy) and present yourself with a look that’s put together, modern and polished. Here are a few key guidelines to keep in mind when you take on the Athleisure trend.

Try to stick to neutrals. Grays, blacks and whites are the safest bets to ensure you don’t look too sporty. You can always add a pop of color with a layering piece or accessory.

Do not skimp on quality- Stick to clothing made using performance fabrics such as bamboo. You do not want it to be see-through when you bend forward or see cellulite through when you are standing still. A bonus feature- performance fabrics are quick drying, odor resistant and moisture wicking for when you actually do break a sweat.

Do not over accessorize- A great pair of sunglasses, a denim jacket or an infinity scarf, such as the Infinity Scarf from Kiya Tomlin, can tie the whole look together. The key is to keep it sleek and minimal and avoid wearing heavy jewelry.



Shoes- An array of shoe styles work with the Athleisure look. The obvious choice is a sneaker, but allow yourself to be playful with high trend high-tops or slip-on styles. An alternative to sneakers that would work here is, the popular for this season, espadrille or flat gladiator sandals.

Kiya Tomlin has embraced the Athleisure trend by offering many key pieces in her signature, super soft exclusive bamboo fabric that can take you through the entire day.

A pair of Draped Shorts and a Basic Tee creates a look that radiates downtown cool with no sacrifice on comfort.

We are always looking to simplify our lives and save time. The Athleisure trend allows high functionality from your wardrobe, everyday comfort and when it’s done right it is the epitome of calm, cool and collected. Pair these facts with the convenience of not having to change your clothes throughout the day and you can see why this trend is spreading like wildfire and experts are predicting it is here to stay.


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