By Ariana Curcio

I think we can all agree that the t-shirt is the most popular garment in the entire world. Take a look in your closet and chances are you own at least ten t-shirts, yet, you can never have too many. From vacation destinations to participating in fundraisers or supporting your favorite team, they are an easy way to express how you feel, remember experiences you’ve had and shout out to the things you love.

T-shirts first came on the scene when the U.S. Navy gave them out to be worn under a uniform at the start of the 1900’s They were plain, crew-necked, short-sleeved and only available in white cotton. It was not until the late 1960's that the T-shirt became a means of self-expression, wearable art, a souvenir and a form of commercial advertising.

A Vintage Rolling Stones T-shirt from the 1960's

With the rise of casual dressing (such as the Athleisure trend) and comfortable clothing becoming widely accepted in most social settings, the quest for the perfect t-shirt is stronger than ever. Today you would be hard pressed to find a basic, plain t-shirt. Most styles have graphic designs, inspirational sayings, strategically placed holes and adornments and are available in an array of innovative fabrics and cuts. With so many options on the market, how do you choose the right t-shirt for you?

For the present day woman the perfect t-shirt should have the versatility to be able to wear to the gym with leggings or under a blazer with a great pair of jeans. It was with these characteristics in mind that Kiya Tomlin created her signature t-shirts. Kiya wanted the Tee’s to be clean and classy without losing the signature comfort level that Kiya Tomlin is known for.

The Short Sleeve V-Neck Beautiful Tee from Kiya Tomlin paired with the Camo Jean is the perfect way to look chic as you run errands, switch the pants for the Harem Pant and you are ready for a night on the town.


With so many options in a over-saturated market, Kiya Tomlin makes wearing a simple, classic t-shirt chic, modern and versatile for today’s very hectic and increasingly casual lifestyles.


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