"Basic" has been forever a term that is less than. 

It wants, it lacks.... it’s basic. When we spin this word around to talk about where it finds its place in the hierarchy of style, basic becomes anything but basic - it transforms itself into a foundational element that you can expertly build any top-notch wardrobe upon. 

Today, I want to talk about Kiya Tomlin's Basic Skirt. This hardworking basic saves me from morning meltdowns on the regular. My days regularly consist of meetings with high level stakeholders and more casual moments back at the office where my attire may need to be flexible - this skirt answers the call of duty and plays double time for fashion. 

Whether I am flying off to a meeting or sitting crisscross-apple-sauce with a room full of squirmy five year olds, the Basic Skirt has got my six. Kiya Tomlin gets me. She gets my schedule, she gets my love of comfort - she gets that being beautiful means being confident in what you are wearing. You can't be confident if you aren't comfortable.

The ethos of Kiya Tomlin is rooted in the ideology of helping women stock their closets with incredible pieces; that in turn, make dressing a snap, inspire confidence and get you out the door and on your way to tackle all that your day has in store.

We girls are busy; We are mothers, daughters, professionals, entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers. Life should be lived out loud and in clothes that accentuate your best you! In a market that inundates consumers with the latest and greatest of everything, Uptown Sweats makes getting back to the business of basics, chic and modern.


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