By Ariana Curcio

Memorial Day, the beginning of glorious summer, when most of us plan quick escapes to decompress from the hectic work-week and take advantage of the amazing weather that mother nature has gifted us. In order to be prepared to travel on a whim and take advantage of all the glories of summer here are some packing tips that will allow you to be comfortable and chic in a moments notice.  

Stick with neutrals for your base pieces:  Black, white, navy, grey, brown, packing items that are neutral can mix and match together to create numerous outfits.

Avoid packing clothes with prints:  Go Basic and play it up with accessories.  Allot the prints and loud colors for accessories that you can interchange with each outfit you wear (you should stick with one accent color here as well) use that color for a day bag, evening bag, scarf, statement necklace, shoe etc.

Pack clothes that can transition well:  They should be comfortable for touring around, but can be dressed up easily for the evening and should be appropriate for cool and warm weather.

According to travel experts the ideal weekend getaway bag only needs 6 base pieces. Kiya Tomlin has the perfect base pieces that will pack easily, our exclusive bamboo blend fabric is thin enough to take up minimal space in your bag and will not wrinkle, they easily transition from day to night and keep you looking chic.

Running off to the beach? Consider packing the Draped Short and Basic Tee, the Power Romper and Signature Dress. Chose an accent color to stick with for the weekend, add a swimsuit and sarong that can double as a cover up, pashmina or scarf and you have a wardrobe expands exponentially.

Perhaps you are visiting a city and exploring the sights? Kiya Tomlin's Basic Skirt, Twisted Tee, Pleated Maxi Pant, Sling Tee, Peep Shoulder Dress, and Belt Chain Clasp packed with comfortable shoes for touring, sexy shoes for night and some coordinating accessories is all you need to travel light.

If your speed is more, well low speed and you are thinking of visiting the country side, a perfect packing list would consist of Kiya Tomlin's Hooded Dress, Wrap Jogger, Sleeveless Twisted Tank, Draped Pocket Jogger and Sheet Shirt. Add a swimsuit and light jacket for cool nights along with a scarf and you are prepared for any wine tours or hikes to watering holes.

Traveling light will allow you to move about more easily and always say yes to any spontaneous adventures. The travel experts all agree that packing light is traveling smartly, unless you are really going off the grid you can always purchase extras during your travels. So wherever your travels may take you this summer remember the guidelines to packing smartly and travel safely.

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