The cut out trend, which made a splash on runways in 2020, is still here to stay, with many versions of the look present in this year’s fashion shows. 

On runways, the look often pushes the envelope as far as size and placement of cut outs — in addition to the style being worn repeatedly by models of the same size and body type. But in the real world, cut out styles — tops in particular — can be worn by everyone.

Cut Out Trend Wardrobe Tips

Designed to reveal certain parts of the body, the cut out trend offers many options to choose from: midriff, back, shoulders, neckline — and more risque locations, as well. The key to wearing this trend is to know where a cut out would suit you best, then to tastefully reveal a bit of skin.

When it comes to choosing a cut out top that matches your style, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • The location of the cut out placement becomes the focal point of your look. Make sure to draw attention to places you feel confident and comfortable about showcasing. 
  • A neckline cut-out (featured in Kiya Tomlin’s Cut Out Onesie) is universally flattering and works for everyone. It draws attention to the face. 
  • Consider avoiding symmetrical shoulder cut outs if you have broad shoulders. Instead, opt for a single shoulder cut-out that will draw less attention to the width of your shoulders, like Kiya Tomlin’s Cut Out Top
  • A top with a cut out does not have to be form fitting. For an elegant, draped version of the cut out style, check out Kiya Tomlin’s That’s A Wrap top. 

Cut Out Top Styling

Just because this fashion-forward style is a way to elevate your look, that doesn’t mean cut out tops should be reserved only for special occasions. From a casual lunch to a day at the office to an evening event, cut out tops can be styled in many different ways to create a flattering look wherever you go.

For an elevated suiting look that will get you from work to a nice dinner after office hours, pair a blazer or suit with a sleek cut out top and a strappy heel.

For a stylish look that’s not over the top, remember that sometimes less is more. Wear one cut out piece at a time and mix clothing fits by pairing wide leg pants or culottes with a sleek cut out top.

A strategic cut out paired with a bold color creates a statement-making ensemble. Choose a vibrant color in a fitted cut out top to stay on the more casual side, and style it with flowy pants or a patterned skirt.

Denim will always be a wardrobe staple, so styling your go-to pair of jeans with a cut out top is the easiest way to match this trend to your own personal style. The result is a look that’s ideal for either a daytime date or a night out.

With such a versatile trend, the thing to remember is that you don’t have to strive for runway looks to make cut out tops work for you. Have fun and experiment to create your own version of this flattering style.


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