With fashion trends constantly changing, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent your wardrobe every season if you stick to key fashion tips and invest in a few classic staples.

It’s worth it to splurge on classic pieces that have — and will — stand the test of time. These pieces can be mixed and matched with each other, as well as with many trends that come and go, ensuring your wardrobe will always be on point. And remember, it’s possible to make your investment pieces last a lifetime with proper care

Quality and craftsmanship come into play when selecting wardrobe staples that will last for many seasons to come, so keep that in mind when shopping for the following classics. 


T-shirts are comfortable, go-to pieces for a wide variety of occasions, which is what makes these versatile tops instant classics. Pair a well-fitting tee (like this Kiya Tomlin Basic Tee) with jeans and a blazer for a night out on the town, or with your favorite athleisure pieces for a stylish on-the-go look. Investing in pieces with high-quality fabric, design and craftsmanship costs more up front but ensures you won’t be replacing your t-shirts every spring.


A well-made blazer can take you from brunch with friends to a job interview to a date night dinner — all while looking pulled together and polished. Look for a blazer that is comfortable (try this Kiya Tomlin option), offers a flattering cut and features some classic style elements that won’t quickly fall out of fashion. 

A White Button-Down

White is always in style (yes, even after Labor Day), and a flattering button-down shirt in this color can be paired with anything: shorts, jeans, dress pants or a skirt. Find one that is long enough to tuck in, if needed, and cut to flatter your body type. 

A Trench Coat

Despite the fact that it was originally designed to help Army officers weather rainstorms, the trench coat has become a classic wardrobe staple across all ages, genders and body types. These easy-to-style coats make great transitional pieces between seasons and feature flattering cuts. Look for accents like quality stitching and unique buttons for a trench coat that fits your unique style (try the Kiya Tomlin Street Trench Coat).

A Flattering Skirt

A well-fitting basic skirt is a versatile piece that you can dress up with a blazer for that important meeting at work, or make more casual by pairing with a tee for a Saturday afternoon soccer game. Just be sure to find a well-made piece that’s comfortable and made to last, like this Kiya Tomlin Basic Skirt.

A Special Occasion Gown

While you may not dress up regularly, chances are you’ll be invited to the occasional wedding or formal event — and you don’t want to be stuck shopping for a dress last-minute. Take your time finding your go-to, splurge-worthy gown, which you will be able to use again and again, especially if you accessorize in different ways to make it feel fresh for each occasion. 

Classic Footwear Options

You’ll have the right footwear for the whole year through, and for any type of occasion, if you invest in four classic types: white tennis shoes, pump heels, ankle boots and summer sandals. Make sure your choices are comfortable and high quality; that way you’ll be able to use them for several seasons before needing to find replacements.

A Statement Necklace

Add style and interest to the above wardrobe staples with a statement necklace that you can pair with nearly any outfit. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but should be relatively classic — like vintage styles or more modern chunky chains — so that it doesn’t look outdated when trends change.

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