From our meals and activities to our home decor and even clothing, so many things can be affected by — and, in turn, affect — our mood. Whether you intended to coordinate your outfit with your mood or whether you were consciously unaware of your feelings as you rooted through the closet this morning, the brain-fashion connection was there.

According to studies, clothing doesn’t just influence others, it reflects and influences the wearer’s mood. Feeling down? You’re more likely to grab a cozy sweater. Feeling like you can take on the world? You’ll probably seek a fitted dress or fashion-forward piece. 

Colors, textures and styles also play roles in “dopamine dressing,” which was predicted as a trend for 2022 and involves dressing with the intention of boosting your mood.

As a general rule, remember that it’s not about exact styles and pieces, but about how wearing those items makes you feel. Here are several ways in which your clothing choices can suit your mood, plus Kiya Tomlin pieces that correlate. 

Mood: Confident 

If you’re feeling empowered, you’ll want to be bold. Whether it’s a fitted dress, flattering cut out top or a unique piece like this ankle tie top, you’ll be ready to face the day in a look that’s as fierce as you feel. Add a bold splash of color or a brightly patterned accessory to complete your confident look.

Mood: Nervous

Got an important presentation at work? A dose of formal clothing can make you feel more powerful and ready to rule that meeting. What counts as formal varies from person to person — and workplace to workplace — but classic options include tailored trousers, fitted blazers, classic pencil skirts (here’s a great Kiya Tomlin option), and tasteful shifts.  

Mood: Tired

When you’re worn out, the last thing you want to do in the morning is put a lot of thought and effort into your wardrobe. This is when reaching for your favorite staples, like jeans and a sweater or a comfortable dress, can come in handy. Need some inspiration? Check out Kiya Tomlin’s Signature Dress or Uptown Hoodie. Also consider changing into workout clothes later in the day to get you more motivated to move off the couch after work. 

Mood: Happy

If you’re happy and you know it, you’re more willing to try bright colors, fun patterns and new clothing styles. If there’s a print you’ve long admired or a style that felt daunting in the past, a happy mood is the perfect reason to give it a try. Kiya Tomlin’s Power Romper or Bag Pant are perfect options for when you’re in the mood to try something new.

Don’t forget, it’s not only important to be aware of your mood and how it affects your style decisions, but also to use clothing to improve your mood. The mood-wardrobe connection goes both ways, giving you the advantage of a boost in confidence or happiness with the quick change of an outfit.

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