Traditionally considered an evening style for its abundant use of fabrics, draped silhouettes have recently been seen making their way into everyday attire. From casual to exercise wear, draped elegance has moved from a formal wear style to street style. 

What is draping?

Throughout history, clothing has fallen under two categories: “fitted”, as in garments sewn and worn close to the body, or “draped”, where fabric is manipulated to create folds and gathers that do not require sewing, similar to a toga. 

Why now?

For the same reasons draping is an ideal evening wear treatment for women, it can be used to create elegance in everyday wear as well. Improved fabric technology has made it possible to create high performing, durable fabrics that are fluid and delicate enough to drape but also able to withstand daily wear and care.

 There are several ways women can achieve elegance with draping.

  1. A comfortable woman is an elegant woman. Draped women’s clothing typically requires soft and fluid fabrics to create the folds and gathers. Because the fabric needs to settle loosely, creating a free-flowing and non-binding garment, it is an ideal style for our active lifestyles–one that breathes and allows for air to flow between the fabric and skin. The Draped Shorts or Pleated Cowl Top  both use pleats and draping to create an elegant and breathable style.
  2. Add the illusion of fullness to create the ideal body of the moment. From boyish waif to busty Baywatch bosom to the popularity of the Brazilian Butt Lift, as the “ideal” female figure changes with trends, draping is an attainable way to achieve the current silhouette. Use draping to add fullness to different areas of the body to create the balance of an hourglass figure or whatever silhouette is currently en vogue. For example, the folds and gathers of the Draped Pocket Jogger creates the illusion of a feminine hip curve on a straight bodied woman. 
  3. Conceal perceived problem areas. Draping can be used to camouflage areas, such as a flat chest, full waistline or arms. The That’s A Wrap uses draping to draw attention to the neckline while detracting from a full mid-section. The draped pants of the Power Romper can be used to conceal full hips, buttocks and thighs while maintaining a flowy, comfortable elegance. 

Draping in itself creates elegance through its ability to accentuate, camouflage, distract or invite. It is organically feminine and flattering and when designed strategically, can be sensual, giving the appearance of clothes clinging between a state of dress and undress.

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