Calling all workout lovers and goers. As big brands like Nike, Fabletics, Old Navy and Athleta up their fashion quotient to infiltrate the booming Athleisure clothing market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all there is to choose from. One way to help narrow the selection is to look for items that can multitask– exercise styles and transitional pieces that can integrate into your closet beyond the workout. Here are three questions to ask yourself when deciding if a workout item would make a good addition to your everyday wardrobe.

  1. Is it a compatible color? We often look to bright colors to give us an extra bump of energy during a workout, but be conscious of how a color vibes with your everyday color palette. Stick to colors that work with your seasonal wardrobe. For example, if you typically wear warm neutrals and rich jewel tones in the Fall, work out pieces that stay true to that color palette will work easily into the rest of your seasonal wardrobe. (Note: Each new season may have colors that are basic or trendy, but  always know black is a girl's best friend in any season).
  2. Can you layer it? For added styling and versatility, you’ll want to be able to layer clothing either over or under pieces from your everyday wardrobe to create different looks.  For example, cropped tops, short sleeve or long sleeve, loose fit or tight, are a functional way to balance your body temperature while working out, but can become fashionable when layered over a full-length tank and skirt for an out-of-the-gym look.  
  3. Can it be tweaked to be work or “evening out” appropriate? Every garment is not capable of working both in and out of the gym. For example, a 3” inseam boy short cannot be tweaked to be work appropriate. But you could work out in Kiya Tomlin’s  Color Block Leggings  and a sports bra or dine out in those same leggings and the brands dressier That’s A Wrap Blouse with its assymetrical neckline, overlapping fabric layers, derriere coverage and a pair of stilettos. 

The Kiya Tomlin brand in particular focuses on designing stylish clothes with athleisure-level comfort for all women. This makes for an easy transition from workout wear to everyday wear  and day-to-night styling versatility for a variety of situations outside of the gym. 

 “We design easy, flattering, stylish, and functional clothes intended to be worn through the fullest extent of your day”.  The fabrics are luxuriously soft, created from breathable bamboo fabric and have no buttons, zippers or fasteners, instead relying solely on the non-binding stretch of the fabric.  

As the fashion world grows more comfortable with comfort, look for more brands to steer towards this crossover appeal that enables women to multitask their wardrobes like they multitask their days.

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