Fashion basics  aren’t  just your clothes; fashion showcases your personality and boosts your confidence. But navigating the world of fashion can be overwhelming. With an outdated wardrobe and changing trends, it can be hard to know what to wear on a daily basis. 

Have you ever opened your closet and felt overwhelmed by the options inside? Or maybe you feel insecure, like your wardrobe doesn’t reflect you or your personal taste in fashion? 

We get it. If what you’re looking for isn’t in your closet, Kiya Tomlin shares Fashion Basics 101 to give you the boost of confidence you and your wardrobe need. She’ll walk you through the building blocks of a great wardrobe so you can leave the house knowing what to wear each day to look stylish and feel your best. 

Embrace Your Body’s Shape 

No two people have the same body shape. You’re an individual! But before you can let your personal style shine, it’s important to know your body type. Basic body types include rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, pear and apple shapes. 

Kiya Tomlin designs clothes to flatter all body shapes and sizes, so knowing your own body type will help you make informed decisions about what styles might accentuate your features best.

Build a Strong Foundation

To find your personal style, start with foundational wardrobe pieces and a color scheme that resonates with you. A foundational wardrobe piece is a basic item that serves as the base layer of your outfit. Tank tops, button-down shirts, straight leg jeans, classic leggings are all great foundational pieces.

Primary colors and neutrals often work best for this layer since we’ll be adding a pop of color to reveal your personal color next. For example, we recommend Kiya Tomlin’s Basic Tee-Jersey in a neutral tone as your starting layer over a pair of jeans as a foundation.   

Accentuate Your Personality 

Accent pieces are a great way to play with color and reveal your personal style. An accent piece, something in your wardrobe that is more outspoken than other items, will add a bit of flair and personality to your outfit foundation. 

Accent pieces can be a statement jacket, brightly colored pumps or a sparkly bag worn over your foundational clothes.

Nervous about adding color or a funky print? Don’t be scared to wear things that feel just a little “too much.” Start with just a pop or something small to get used to the feeling and venture out from there.

Find Balance

The balance between wardrobe foundation pieces and accent pieces are essential to your daily style. If you have a bulkier top, make sure you’re choosing a smaller bottom piece and vice versa.  

If you’re choosing an oversized sweatshirt, pair it with some skinny jeans. Likewise, if you're opting for wide leg pants, try a tighter fit top to offset the size and even out proportions. 

Choosing the correct proportions is a Fashion Basics 101 tip that will give you a more defined waistline and create a balanced aesthetic. 

Do Accessorize

We love a good accessory. Incorporating a little something extra into your outfit really helps tie a look together. But don’t go too far. Keep it to three to five items to avoid over accessorizing. Accessories include jewelry, belts, bags, hats or scarves. 

One of Kiya Tomlin’s favorite ways to accessorize is with a belt. We recommend the Waist Scrunchie because it’s the perfect compliment to a loose foundational piece and adds a pop of color.

Knowing what to wear each day can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you’re unsure of your wardrobe. By sticking to Kiya Tomlin’s Fashion Basics 101, you’ll find balance and let your personality shine through your clothes. 

For additional wardrobe inspiration, shop Kiya Tomlin’s line.

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