The chill in the air doesn’t mean you have to put your wardrobe on ice. Through fashion planning, curating a well-planned wardrobe based on your needs, you’ll make a statement all year-round. 

We know packing up your summer styles can be overwhelming, but by knowing the seasonal trends, we'll help you take it in stride. Kiya Tomlin will walk you through the hottest women’s winter styles for your wardrobe so you can plan to take on the colder weather in style.  

It’s all in the Mix

And we don’t mean the wintry mix of snow, we mean in your clothing proportions and styles. We’re seeing larger outer layers paired with tighter foundational pieces, and casual clothing making an appearance with more formal pieces.   

Oversized coats, a trend that’s resurfaced in the past few years, are back and we’re loving the mix of athleisure and sophistication. Pair your sweatpants — we recommend Kiya Tomlin’s Draped Pocket Jogger — with a bulky trench coat (one with 80s-era shoulder pads is a bonus!) for a winter wardrobe statement. It’s “in'' for you to turn your gym time look into a power look and level up your casual wear to the top tier. 

Opting for a sleeker look? Crop puffy bomber jackets are resurfacing from the early 2000s, and they’re begging to be paired with your favorite wide leg pants

Layers, Layers, Layers!

It goes without saying, if you want to be warm in the winter air, you need layers. But layering doesn’t mean sacrificing your style.

Women’s winter styles will continue to focus on leggings, a staple piece for your wardrobe. Pair your fleece leggings with high socks and high boots for added warmth. Add a cable knit sweater over a long sleeve tee shirt and top with a thick scarf to complete the look.

Want to take your fashion planning a step further this winter? Capes and fleece-lined ponchos are back in and provide the perfect wardrobe option for a top layer paired with legging and boots.  

Chunky is Cool

Cool in aesthetic but not in temperature — opting for baggier layers as the temps drop will keep you cozy in the elements. Cable knit sweaters, chunky scarves, oversized sweatpants and slouchy wool hats are trending this winter. 

We recommend Kiya Tomlin’s Oversize Sweatshirt as a comfy, chunky and stylish addition to your winter style. 

Bold Colors

We’re used to wearing our darker colors and cooler neutrals as we begin our fashion planning for the winter months, but not this year. Bright, bold colors such as rich red and cobalt blue have come crashing onto the fashion scene. 

Make a statement with a lavish color choice for your winter style and plan to wear your favorite red dress for all your holiday party style needs. 

The changing of the weather marks the perfect time to start fashion planning for the next season. With Kiya Tomlin’s review of women’s winter styles, your wardrobe will be ready for the cooler climate while you stay stylish. 

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