When it comes to professional sports — and the NFL in particular — women have become a significant part of the fan base. As of 2020, women made up 47% of the NFL’s 187.3 million fans.

This means we’re seeing more women-focused Super Bowl ads and — more importantly for your wardrobe — more women’s NFL fashion. 

Whether you’re going to the game, watching from home or just want to rep your favorite team when you’re out and about, there are plenty of women’s apparel options. Consider these trends to help you find the right NFL gear to add to your wardrobe.

Support Your Team

Besides looking good, the most important aspect of creating your NFL wardrobe is finding items in your team’s colors or pieces that sport the logo. The Kiya Tomlin x NFL collection offers a variety of pieces with colors, logos and patterns that support nearly a dozen NFL teams, from the Bengals to the Steelers. (Steelers fans should also be sure to check out the Coach T Collection.)

Choose from a Striped Jogger or Color Block Legging, then pair with a Twisted Sweatshirt or Cut Out Top for an elegant, yet sporty style.

When making your selections, remember to follow key fashion tips like styling for your unique silhouette and choosing flattering pieces in the correct size. While sizing does vary from retailer to retailer, Kiya Tomlin stays true to size and offers free tailoring services on full priced items. In addition, each piece is drawn, patterned, cut, sewn, and fit to people, not measurements.

Dress in Layers

Fall brings widely varying temperatures throughout the day in many parts of the country. A frosty morning can precede a warm, sunny afternoon that is, in turn, followed by a chilly evening. 

Prepare for comfort all day long by dressing in layers. This will ensure that you’ll stay cozy for pre-game tailgating, but won’t overheat when cheering for a touchdown in the mid-afternoon sun. 

For example, layer a Kiya Tomlin Vintage Fade Basic Tee under a Contraband Poncho for a functional and stylish look. 

Add Accessories

When it comes to NFL gear, accessorizing is part of the fun. You can find nearly any accessory that sports your team’s logo, from sunglasses and wristwatches to gloves and sandals. 

Avoid going solid head-to-toe logos and colors, but instead mix and match pieces to add interest. If you’re sporting a team jersey, add a small hint like sunglasses or socks to round out the look. Or if you’re wearing a more subtle top, pair with team color leggings or a Kiya Tomlin Infinity Scarf — which will also help your efforts to dress in layers.

While choosing your NFL women’s wardrobe pieces, also be sure to dress for comfort, so nothing will distract you from cheering on your team and enjoying a Sunday spent with family and friends.

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