1. Learn your size and stay true to it.

As women, it is important to understand our body and know which garment will flatter the places we would like. Think about the parts of your body you want to hug or conceal and the ones you want to free or elongate. Sizing does differ from each retail place, but Kiya Tomlin stays true to size and offers free tailoring services on full priced items. “Made to fit real people, not measurements.”

  1. Plan out your outfits.

Have you ever had a day when you go somewhere and just completely hate your outfit? That feeling of discomfort is all you can think about. Having the right size takes practice because you need to try on your look before you wear it. A life changing routine is planning your outfit the night before your next event or workday. Planning, sizing, and styling will make you feel more comfortable and confident in your look.  Kiya Tomlin is available to help you feel your best self. With their free styling services, you will never have to worry about being uncomfortable in your looks.

  1. Style for your silhouette.

Understand your body type for an easier shopping experience. Silhouettes can be described by letter: A, H, T, V, or Y. Having the ability to balance your proportions with clothing is a valuable tool when trying to find something that makes you feel confident. You never want to feel overly baggy in some places or too tight in others. FIND YOUR FOCAL POINT! Getting to know your body is trial and error, but eventually you will unify garments to fit your shape. Kiya Tomlin’s clothes are made by real women that understand womanly figures. The Power Romper would be a great first “try on” if you do not know where to start.

  1. Create a wardrobe color palette. 

Gaze over your closet and find your most worn colors. Keep those in mind when shopping so you can mix and match with items you already own. Sticking with neutrals such as black or gray is easy for us, but adding pops of color every now and then could boost your look. If you are trying to dive into color, try Kiya Tomlin’s wine or teal colors. They are perfect when easing into expanding your wardrobe because they are still universal colors.

  1. You mustn’t follow every single trend.

Social media has driven us to follow the latest trends, but we all know they never last. It is better to opt for classic pieces that are sustainable and durable. Kiya Tomlin’s matching sets have taken basics and developed them into something fashionable and dressy. It is easy to wear the Twisted Tee with the matching Draped Pocket Jogger repeatedly. Sometimes it is nice to not even have to think about putting an outfit together. As I said earlier, you could mix and match the pieces to diversify the look. On the other hand, wearing unique pieces such as Kiya Tomlin’s Relaxed Signature Dress or Maxi Dress are not fads and will last for a long time.

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