You’re a woman on the go and your fashion should fit your lifestyle. Ready-to-go women’s outfits, also known as ready-to-wear or pret-a-porter (in French) are garments sold in finished condition. This style of clothing, or “off the rack and go,” literally allows you to buy a women’s outfit off a clothing rack and get on with your day.

These quality wardrobe pieces are made by talented designers to provide accessibility to more people and generally cost less than their high-end, or haute couture, counterparts. 

When it comes to women’s outfits, Kiya Tomlin saw the benefits of making her fashion line ready to go. She wanted to make sure her clothes would fit women in all shapes and sizes, while remaining high quality, and being easily accessible, all key things to look for in your pret-a-porter garments. 

Consistent Sizing

One reason we love ready-to-go outfits is the lack of alterations. There’s no need to waste time at the tailor since the clothing measurements will fit most people. Knowing your standard size makes it an effortless way to shop for perfect, fashionable options. 

For even more consistency with size, opt for ready-to-go outfits that may stretch across multiple sizes such as fleece leggings or pieces that come in a one-size-fits-all option like Kiya Tomlin’s Steelers Contraband Poncho


We can’t say enough about the convenience of online shopping. The endless options and quick turnaround from the comfort of your home make ready-to-go clothing incredibly appealing. 

Whether you’re in need of a last-minute outfit or to stay current with the latest trend, you won’t have a long wait time with ready-to-go women’s outfits. The growth of ready-to-wear has also made it easier for women to follow the latest styles and trends in the fashion industry. 

For the latest ready-to-go trends, we recommend Kiya Tomlin’s Camo Basic Skirt-French Terry

High Quality

Not all ready-to-go women’s outfits are made equal. When it comes to these clothing options, you want to ensure you’re purchasing a brand that is high quality so you can get the value for your money. When it comes to fabric choice and style, if you’re not sure what to look for, read other customer’s reviews to share their experience. 

Kiya Tomlin focuses on high-quality athleisure fashion. Her designs are made from bamboo, cotton, and spandex blended fabric, offering several shapes and sizes for all body types so it’s wearable the second you open the package. 

Tip: To experience the quality for yourself, we recommend the Uptown Hoodie

Knowing what to look for in ready-to-go women’s outfits is important. This style of fashion should flatter your silhouette with consistent sizing, utilize high-quality fabrics, and allow you to feel more confident about your clothing with minimal work. 

For more inspiration when it comes to ready-to-go women’s outfits, check out Kiya Tomlin’s line where you can pull off the rack and go.

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