So, you’ve invested in a great new piece and are excited to wear it. But before you do, take some time to review these tips to help extend the life of your designer wardrobe.  

Tip #1 Perfume with Caution

Perfumes are made of alcohol and oils which can damage and stain clothing, especially delicate materials like silk. Regularly spraying perfume directly on your clothing will result in the materials pilling and thinning while causing the color to fade. Instead, apply perfume to your pulse points that won’t be covered by clothing, like your wrist, neck or inner elbows, and let it dry before you get dressed.

Tip #2 Read the Label

Nothing is worse than buying a great piece of clothing then discovering getting it dry cleaned will end up costing you more than the piece itself. Items made out of natural materials, like the Kiya Tomlin signature cotton/bamboo blend, are easy to wash and wear, ensuring you get the most use out of your wardrobe.

Tip #3 Clothing Size Doesn’t Matter

Did you know that there is not standard size system? Size 10 in one brand could fit like a size 6 in another brand, so pay more attention to fit and how you feel in the piece than the number on the tag. When shopping online, check the size chart and reference the measurements the piece is sized with to ensure you order your best fit. Clothing that is worn too tight will stretch and pull at seams while items that are too long can drag or fray more easily. To make an off-the-rack piece feel custom made, take it to a tailor. It’s amazing what slight adjustments can do to the way a piece of clothing fits and feels. Kiya Tomlin offers complimentary tailoring in her Pittsburgh, PA store to ensure the perfect fit on every piece.   

Tip #4 Store your Clothing Properly

Your clothes spend the most time waiting to be worn, which makes proper clothing storage very important.  For heavy knits, folding and storing on a shelf or in a drawer is the best way to maintain shape. For clothing that can be hung, use velvet non-slip hangers to prevent pulling and stretching of the fabric. Invest in good storage containers and rotate out your seasonal items to avoid an over-crowded closet.  Store off-season pieces in a cool, dry area away from sun light. And if you haven’t worn a piece in over one year, consider donating or reselling it to make room for items that better fit your evolving life and style.

Tip #5 Add Base Pieces Frequently

In a previously blog Fashion Secrets for Women: How to Build a Great Designer Wardrobe we talked about base pieces for your wardrobe. Base pieces are staple items that can be worn multiple ways and pair with seasonal pieces and accessories to create new looks. Having a foundation of high-quality base pieces not only maximizes your wardrobe, but also helps to prolong the life of your investment pieces so that they are not used and washed as much.

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