Do you ever see someone and think, “They look so put together, I wish I could dress like that”?

 Building a designer wardrobe can seem overwhelming and expensive, but with a little planning and discovery, it can be easy and attainable.  Start by asking yourself three simple questions: How? What? and Why?


The first step is to ask yourself “How do I wear my clothes?” Do you have specific pieces for work vs weekends, or is your wardrobe more fluid? This will help determine the specific styles that work best for your life. Next think, “How do I like my clothing to feel?”. This will help guide you toward materials and cuts that will keep you comfortable. 


After you determine your needs how do you decide what to buy first? First, start with a solid base.  Quality staple pieces that can be worn often and mixed and matched with seasonal or special occasion pieces to create a variety of looks.  When you find base pieces you love, buy them in several colors or different materials to further expand your options. The key to the base pieces is versatility.


Finally, (but most importantly) always ask yourself “Why do I like this?”. Is perfect for an upcoming event? Can you imagine a dozen different ways to wear it with items you already have? Or is it simply something fun and trendy? Dedicate a majority of your budget (and space in your closet) to classic pieces in quality materials—like a good pair of jeans and super soft tops—then add on fun accessories and seasonal pieces—like a statement belt or a cozy poncho.

Still stuck? Call in the pros. Most department stores, specialty boutiques and even online retailers have personal stylists available to help to build and maintain your designer wardrobe. 

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