Do you find yourself getting together with the same group of people in the same spaces? Let’s be realistic, the office can get very boring and repetitive. You spend 8 hours of your day in the office, when you get together with your co-workers you may want to spend quality time with them in a new setting. Your local coffee shop is a nice place for meeting up with people and sure does smell good, but their hours might not fit you and your friends busy schedules all the time. 

Not many people know this, but over the years Kiya Tomlin has hosted a number of private events at their store, by request. Now, anyone is able to book a private event at the Kiya Tomlin Workshop for a unique and private setting for your next group gathering.

Learn styling tips and fashion advice from the Kiya Tomlin team while getting personalized recommendations that fit your body and your lifestyle. The Kiya Tomlin team is focused strictly on your group and making sure you get the help you need while shopping the store. You can learn which pieces are employee and customer favorites. While also learning how some pieces evolve into others strictly from customer feedback and fit preference! 

A behind-the-scenes tour of the production facility is also available upon request. You will learn how the design process starts and eventually ends, while learning everything in between. Since Kiya Tomlin makes all of their clothes under the same roof, the open floor plan allows for you to see everything up close and personal. People get to take a look at the special machinery they use to cut the fabric, make patterns, and then put the garment together on the sewing machine. The Kiya Tomlin team shares in detail how a piece of fabric ends up becoming your favorite top or bottom. 

Kiya Tomlin will also share her story with you and your group. You will learn about her background, inspiration and how she runs her own business while being a wife and mother of three. Believe it or not, fashion design was not always the career plan for Kiya Tomlin. She will share with you and your group how her career path changed suddenly, and how she made it work with a busy life!

You and your group will also enjoy complimentary wine tasting and light snacks. This makes for a perfectly informal, yet fun gathering space! 

If this is something that interests you please reach out to the Kiya Tomlin team by email at, or call them at 412-408-3614 to schedule a date that works for you. Whether you have a networking group, an exercise community, or just want to gather with friends, this is a new unique way to do so!

Kiya Tomlin will also donate 10% of all sales to the charity of your choice if you chose to book a private event. Some charities Kiya Tomlin has previously donated to include, the Rock Steady Program, the Allegheny Health Network, and UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. 

Call or email today to book your private event!

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