What are Harem Pants?

Harem pants are loose, long pants with a slouchy fit that extends to the bottom and is cinched near the ankles. They can have an elastic waistband, and typically don’t contain a zipper.

What is the history of Harem Pants?

In 1911, Harem Pants were born! Paris couturier Paul Poiret introduced Harem Pants in an effort to reinvent western female fashion. At first they were controversial as western women did not wear trousers. Poiret designed these pants for the chic women to show off "the harmony of her form and all the freedom of her native suppleness." This was a moment in history that started to challenge traditional cultural claims so that women could start to have their own style.

What can you wear with Harem Pants?

With the way that Harem Pants are designed, they can be a very versatile bottom in your wardrobe. You can wear these pants with basically any top, whether it is a plain tee, a button down top tucked in, or a more unique top. 

Harem Pants can be available in both solid colors and prints, making the possibilities endless to find a pair that truly fits your style. Continue to read below to see outfit ideas you can make with Harem Pants!

A Monochrome look

You can pair solid colored Harem Pants with the same colored top for a flattering monochrome look. Wearing an outfit that is all the same color creates a single, continuous line that elongates and creates the illusion of height. Kiya Tomlin has a pair of Harem Pants that come in many colors. She also has a variety of tops that can easily be paired with Harem Pants to create a monochrome look. Below the model is wearing Kiya Tomlin’s Twisted Tee and Harem Pants. 

Loose, long pants for women

Printed bottoms with a tank top

Cue total summer vibes with this look. If you find a pair of Harem Pants you love in a fun print, your shirt options are endless. You can pair printed Harem Pants with a basic tank that will make you comfortable and cool in those hot summer months. 

Be comfortable and cool with women’s clothing.

Dress them up with accessories and sandals

You can easily dress up Harem Pants by wearing a cute necklace with some bracelets or earrings to match. You can also wear a heeled sandal to make your outfit more dressy depending on the occasion. These casual pants can be dressed up very quickly with the right accessories! 

Dress up Harem Pants with bracelets or earrings to match.

Harem Pants truly are the definition of fashionable but comfortable. As they gain popularity you will see why women are opting in for loser pants that are more comfortable than a tight skirt or skinny jeans. Once you own a pair you may never want to go back to slim fitting bottoms. They can be dressed up or down, while also being an easy pant to mix and match in your wardrobe.

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