Adding class to your wardrobe can be beneficial in so many ways. Working an office job can tend to get repetitive with your wardrobe, so when you are able to add some class it can make you feel more exciting. Even if you just go out to dinner one night and feel like wearing a more sophisticated outfit, a Peep Shoulder Tee can do that for you. 

Kiya Tomlin’s Peep Shoulder Tee is perfect for adding class to your wardrobe. This slightly twisted, asymmetric top can easily go from an above average t-shirt to an evening top. This off-the-shoulder top is fitted through the waistline with a slightly curved hemline-- the jersey-knit tee is perfect to tuck in or leave out of our signature skirts and pants. Its one shoulder drape allows for some shoulder to show while creating an interesting and unique look.

Another great aspect of this top is that there is no front or back! You are probably thinking “how does that work?” As this top was designed, Kiya knew that some people probably have a preference on the side that shows their shoulder, and what side doesn’t. With this simple, yet beautiful design, you are able to wear it either way having a choice on which side the shoulder drape is on. 

Since the fabric content is 66% Bamboo/ 26% Cotton/ 6% Spandex, the touch of this shirt is heavenly. You will not believe how soft this shirt is while looking your best. It is also machine washable! The best way to take care of your bamboo blend clothing items is to machine wash cold and on a gentle cycle. You can then lay them flat to dry, and use an iron on low heat to get any wrinkles out. You may also use a steamer to freshen the items and get the wrinkles out.

This is a top that can be worn year-round. Since it is made out of 66% of bamboo, it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Bamboo fabric is very breathable and also antibacterial keeping you comfortable no matter what the temperature is. Another great benefit of bamboo fabric is that it is hypoallergenic, which can be great if you tend to have sensitive skin. Natural bamboo does not cause allergic reactions, meaning you can wear a Peep Shoulder Tee without worrying about having a skin breakout.

The Peep Shoulder Tee is a high quality item considering it is made in the USA.  All Kiya Tomlin products are 100% made in the USA including their fabric. Kiya Tomlin is also committed to fair labor practices while producing sustainable items. So while you are feeling and looking fabulous in your Peep Shoulder Tee by Kiya Tomlin, you are also supporting a more sustainable earth. 

In conclusion, a Peep Shoulder Tee by Kiya Tomlin can add class to any woman's wardrobe. Its simple, yet sophisticated look draws attention to your outfit while keeping you comfortable and confident while wearing it. Whether you are headed to the office, going out to dinner, or just feel like wearing a classy top, the Peep Shoulder Tee is for you!

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