Watching American football is exciting for everyone because it is a way for people to come together and support their favorite teams. Whether it be going to the game, watching it at home, or going to a local restaurant; Kiya Tomlin has got it covered. With over 6 pieces in the officially NFL licensed Steelers Collection there is quite the assortment to mix and match.

As for the tops, there is the Steelers poncho which has an extra layer of fabric for the warm winter months. The Poncho has half of the fabric black and the other half in the iconic “Steelers yellow.” Women love the Poncho because it is easy to throw on over a pair of leggings or jeans. It is a neat spin from the typical Steelers outerwear.

Similarly, the Steelers Shawl in the collection is the perfect fleece to layer over a favorite jersey or t-shirt. Fans adore the Shawl because it drapes beautifully down the sides and is as soft as a blanket. Additionally, the ’33 jersey patch appears on the back of the garment for everyday wear. The ’33 is for the year the NFL team was founded, and is featured in two other pieces in the collection.

Kiya Tomlin sells two other tops in the official Steelers Collection. For a casual day during preseason the Blousy Tee is unique because it is reversible. Fans could wear it with the logo facing the front or the back depending on the day. The top sinches in and has a drop waist. The neckline is wide enough to be pulled off the shoulder or left alone as is. On the other hand, feel cozy with the Raglan Turtleneck. The style is like a sweatshirt but not as bulky. The tops can pair perfectly with the Pleated Joggers or Striped Leggings. The variety of the collection is creative and makes dressing up for games fun and simple.

For more outfit ideas for a football game add more casual accessories. Using a white pair of sneakers that you already own, and your favorite black or gold jewelry for a streetwear vibe. If you want an edgier look, try out a black tank top with the Pleated Joggers. Finalize the outfit with a pair of heels and some gold hoops. For a minimalist style, wear the Striped Leggings with a black sweater and a crossbody bag. During the fall, pair any garment from the collection with a black blazer for a chic look. 

Women Steelers fans now have an assortment of styles to fit everyday lives and not just on game days. The fleece is incredibly soft. It is versatile for any day to root on the team or to show pride for Pittsburgh. These looks will wow friends and family members on game-day because it is fashionable and cheerful. 

Also, keep an eye out this fall for more NFL licensed styles…If the Steelers aren't your team don’t worry, we might have you covered! 

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