If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then t-shirts are woman’s most versatile accessory. It’s one of the most adaptable pieces you can own as it transitions seamlessly from work to play and day to night. 

If you’re looking to round out your wardrobe, look no further than an old classic, your favorite tee! 

A concept called a capsule wardrobe refers to a unique closet which allows you to mix and match your style seamlessly. The item most notable for creating this effortless style is your basic t-shirt which is a must have in any woman’s clothing repertoire. 

Kiya Tomlin shares some t-shirt options to round out your wardrobe with an old favorite and shares how this comfortable staple can showcase your personal style and pair well with everything from traditional pieces to trendy options.

The Classic: Versatile Styling 

There are few things that provide flexibility in your wardrobe like a classic t-shirt. A timeless essential every woman should have in her closet, the simplicity of the top makes it the perfect option for any occasion. 

Dress it up or down, pair your favorite t-shirt with jeans and heels for a night out or tuck it in with a blazer for the office. For a modern look, we recommend Kiya Tomlin’s Basic Tee - Jersey with a skirt and sneakers to keep you on the move and stylish.

When cold weather’s in the air, toss a sweater over your favorite classic to take you into fall. From a polished look to laid back vibe or transition from summer to fall, your favorite tried and true tee creates the most versatility in your wardrobe. 

 Kiya’s Tip: Opt for a v-neck tee, which creates an elongated neckline and flatters every body type

A Tee with a Twist: Comfortable Fashion 

With the casual comfort of athleisure, a style of clothing combining function and fashion, being the norm in today’s world, your beloved shirt is a go-to staple. 

Normally made of an easy cotton blend that creates a stretchable fabric, they’re a breathable option for your wardrobe. The relaxed, loose fit allows for maximum movement white still being fashion forward.  

Add a soft texture to your wearable repertoire with a bit of flair like Kiya Tomlin’s Twisted Tee - Jersey, a reversible shirt, making it an ideal option for endless comfort and countless styles. 

Kiya’s Tip: Choose a t-shirt with a bamboo combination fabric since it’s softer than silk, making it extremely comfortable and resistant to wrinkles. 

Graphic Tees: Your Personal Style

Add a bit of flair to your t-shirt collection and round out your wardrobe with a women’s shirt that shows your personality. 

A graphic tee of your most memorable concert, a slogan you love or an homage to your favorite NFL team are great ways to showcase your individual style through your clothes. 

We recommend Kiya Tomlin’s Peep Shoulder Tee - Jersey to add a bit of pizzazz to your outfits and create variety in your t-shirt staples. 

Kiya’s Tip: Whether it’s a bright color, specific style or your favorite saying, a t-shirt should showcase your personality because who you are is always fashionable. 

T-shirts are the most comfortable and versatile items you can invest in to proudly sport your personal style and round out your wardrobe for years to come. 

Shop Kiya Tomlin’s line for more women’s tees and how to style the most functional item in your closet.

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