Harem pants have a long history with women’s liberation. Originally adapted by French designers from men’s clothing in the early 1900s, they were a symbol of femininity and strength marking a shift in women’s wear.  

The term “harem pants” is a generic phrase for baggy trousers originating from a Turkish style of clothing centuries old. After bursting onto the fashion scene in 1910, harem pants reappeared in the 1960s and 1970s prior to taking center stage in the 1980s in the form of parachute pants. Today, harem pants have secured their place in the modern world of fashion 

Having wide appeal, and we don’t just mean the cut of the legs, Kiya Tomlin has taken the classic harem pant and put her own spin on the design. Finding the right balance of comfort and style in this unique piece, Kiya shares why harem pants have the ultimate appeal and make a great addition to any closet.  

Feminine elegance 

Originally adapted to women’s clothing to embody freedom, the harem pant is loose-fitting at the hips and the legs while following the natural curves of the body and gathering at the ankle. The relaxed fit makes it an ideal style for all body shapes and sizes while appealing to a wide range of women.

Kiya Tomlin’s flirty and fun take on the Harem Pant for Women offers a chance to make a bold statement. Due to the ease of styling, these pants don’t require much effort to put together a trendy outfit tailored to your personal style. 

Free Movement 

Before the 1900s, Harem pants were initially a preferred menswear since they offered mobility while doing everyday chores. While the style has remained similar with the roomy, relaxed fit, the activities have changed. 

From yoga to dancing and from errands to lounging around the house, the loose, baggy style and breathable fabric of the harem pants allows for a full range of motion creating ample room for your legs to breathe. 

Kiya Tomlin understands the importance of movement in your clothes. She designed the jersey stretch Bag Pant to create a harem pant with wide appeal for women who want to move at their own pace. 

Travel Friendly

Harem pants are lightweight and easy to pack, making them the ideal choice for travel. For women who prioritize comfort while exploring new destinations, these bottoms are an ideal choice to toss in your suitcase.  

When it comes to outfit versatility, harem pants can be dressed up or down, from casual to more formal looks. The style makes them suitable for different occasions, ranging from lounging at home to dressing up for a night out. The variety of fabrics and patterns adds to their adaptability which means they’ll give you more outfit options and take up less space in your suitcase.

From travel-friendly to versatile style, harem pants have a wide appeal. To transition your look from day to night, Kiya Tomlin recommends the Peep Tee for sightseeing followed by a night out with the Criss-Cross Halter Top

The move from ancient times to modern day fashion and from menswear to women’s runway created a uniquely versatile style of pants. 

For more inspiration on how to style harem pants for women or to try it for yourself, shop Kiya Tomlin’s line of versatile clothing. 

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