When you think of pleated pants, business clothes might come to mind. Kiya Tomlin has revamped the pleated pants into a jersey knit fabric made of a combination of bamboo/cotton/spandex stacked with comfort.

What are pleats? A fold in the fabric repeated along the garment to create dimension. Kiya Tomlin’s pleats extend to the length which add to the flow of the garment. The relaxed fit and high waist provides a put together pant that balances comfort and fashion. At Kiya Tomlin, there are a variety of knitted, pleated pants that are made in the U.S.A.

Kiya Tomlin’s Bag Pants have maximized leg room that adds a bohemian aesthetic. The benefit of the baggy pants is the versatility of them. You can wear them around the house as loungewear, or you can pair them with the right shoes to go out to lunch. And more importantly, these bottoms are so comfortable you feel like you are not even wearing pants, yep you read that right! For a style tip, wear the baggy pants with a pair of your favorite heels, add a pop of color top, and throw on a blazer for a put together work look.

Additionally, Kiya Tomlin has the Steelers Pleated Joggers for all superfans. The added detail of the pleats to these joggers gives them a slimming effect. Wear these for a game or even out for a walk. The fleece fabric will keep you cozy and warm whether you are at a football game or out running errands. As mentioned before, you could wear these in so many ways. The Steelers yellow is striped along the side, but the wear extends beyond football season. For a style tip, wear these with a pair of lace up boots, a white tee, and add the Steelers Infinity Scarf for a fall look.

Lastly, Kiya Tomlin’s best-selling Pleated Maxi Pants are beneficial because they are extremely soft. They are handmade and are durable for long-term wear. They are baggy with wide legs which are currently trending in the fashion world. When you walk in these they sway back and forth with the body. The way the garment drapes with the body and hugs certain areas is just as important as the appearance. The goal is to look cute and comfortable, and of course confident.  Another advantage of the style is it can be good year-round, including the winter and summer months. A benefit of bamboo fabric is that it allows you to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For a style tip, wear the white Pleated Maxi Pants over your swimsuit on your way to the pool or the beach. Wear a crop top, bucket hat, and a straw bag for a completed bohemian and versatile outfit.

The freedom and breathability of the pleated pants allows for what Kiya Tomlin’s brand has always and continues to strive for; “comfortable, confident, and beautiful.” 

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