When it comes to women’s fashion, finding the perfect pair of pants can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s a great opportunity for you to explore a wide variety of styles, cuts and designs. 

While there are countless options for every body type, it’s important to choose wisely so you’re finding the right balance of comfort and fashion to meet your personal preferences. 

Kiya Tomlin knows about dressing to flatter all shapes and sizes. In fact, her line was created specifically with you in mind. She shares some of her tried and true tips when it comes to shopping for women’s pant styles so you’ll not only find the perfect bottoms to flatter your figure, but also embrace a style that’s uniquely you. 

Celebrate Your Body

Everyone has a shape and size that’s specific to them, so dressing for your body type is key when selecting pants to compliment your lower half. 

Whether you’re more of a rectangle or straight body type or have curves like an hourglass, understanding your unique proportions will help you choose pants to accentuate your assets while providing a comfortable fit. 

For example, a person with a rectangle body type might want to look for something that creates a bit of volume, such as Kiya Tomlin’s Pleated Maxi Pant, whereas a person with an hourglass shape would benefit from having their curves accentuated in the Draped Pocket Jogger

No matter your body type, choosing pants that work for you is a great way to celebrate your own diverse and incredible body.  

Finding Comfort and Versatility

Comfort is key when it comes to women’s bottoms. For women who lead active lifestyles and thrive in athleisure clothing, it’s essential to select pants made from high quality fabrics that provide breathability, stretch and durability so you don’t have to sacrifice your pace in the name of fashion.  

Bottom styles that you can interchange between work and play comfortably are important. Consider an elegant and comfortable style like the wide leg trouser, which can be used in the office or while running errands. 

Opting for versatile pants that allow you to dress up or down will keep you on the move and looking and feeling your best. 

Embracing Your Style

Every woman has a unique style. At the end of the day, choosing pants that fit your personal preference is most important. 

Consider your own taste in clothing and find pants that reflect your personality. Are you sporty? Kiya Tomlin recommends her Wrap Jogger to keep you fashionable but provide enhanced movement as you hop throughout your daily activities. 

A bit more on the adventurous side? Try Kiya Tomlin’s Harem Pant with beautiful draped lines and a unique skirt-pant hybrid style that will turn heads. 

Choosing wisely when it comes to women’s pants styles is an essential part of any fashion journey. Learning what works well with your own body, finding something that’s comfortable for your lifestyle and also versatile for your many commitments is just as important as learning to embrace your own unique style. 

Kiya Tomlin offers incredible options for all women to keep your body type and preferred style top of mind. Browse stylish pants to find your perfect balance of comfort and fashion.

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