As we’ve mentioned before, there’s a difference between “fashion” and “style.”

While fashion refers to the collective expression of trends and the dominant women’s styles within a culture at a certain time, your own personal style relates to you as an individual and embodies how you interpret the ideas of women’s fashion with your own personal expressions.

Working to shape your personal style among the many trends and options that make up women’s fashion today is no simple task, but investing in classic staples that never go out of style and following some universal fashion tips can help.

Once you’ve determined your style, how do you know if it works? Here are some pointers for making sure you have a good  sense of fashion.

Find Your Style Status

How you feel while wearing your wardrobe pieces — as well as how others react — can be good indicators that you’ve achieved style success. Keep these points in mind when rating your fashion sense:

A Flattering Fit

It doesn’t matter if it’s a blazer, a halter top, or a basic V-neck tee — it’s important to find flattering pieces that fit well. If you understand your body and have considered which parts you want to hug or conceal — and which you want to free or elongate — you likely know which garments will flatter the places you’d like.

Styling for Your Silhouette

A large part of finding a flattering fit is to create your style based on body type. Dressing for your silhouette offers the ability to balance your proportions with clothing.

Mood-Boosting Style

Your clothing often reflects and influences your mood, which is part of a growing trend called dopamine dressing. If the colors, textures and styles you choose boost your mood or make you feel empowered, chances are your fashion sense is on the right track.

People Seek Your Advice

Whether it’s a stranger in a department store, a coworker in the conference room, or a close friend during a shopping trip, if others ask your opinion about their own wardrobe, consider yourself a style guru. Someone asking whether a certain fit, color or accessory works for them means they value your opinion and respect your personal style.

You Receive Compliments

We all love getting — and giving — compliments. If a large portion of the compliments that others give you pertains to your wardrobe, it’s a good indication that your fashion sense is spot-on. 

If you haven’t yet found your personal style, Kiya Tomlin offers a plethora of relevant tips to help you do so. While you explore the brand’s stylish options, you can rest assured that each piece is drawn, patterned, cut, sewn and fit to people, not measurements.

The result is versatile, hand-sewn pieces that are made to fit and flatter women's bodies and all the living they choose to do in them.

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